I know Stephen (Owl) to be a warm, genuine, and above all compassionate person. He is a natural-born healer who understands the devastating toll that pain, whether it is mental or physical, can take on the mind and body. Energy work with Steve has helped me begin to process my complicated emotions surrounding grief and even identify and begin to cope with some deep-seated, long-forgotten feelings of abandonment and loneliness. During our twice-monthly sessions, I feel a peace and relaxation I am otherwise unable to experience; immediately following I have a release of pent up emotions that makes me feel lighter for days afterward. Carrying that feeling allows me to cope with the problems in my life and consider them on an intellectual level, without the overwhelming emotion attached. While my journey with Steve is certainly not over, I can say that he has improved my quality of life greatly, not only by being a talented healer, but also a patient listener who has not one ounce of judgment in his heart. I am certain that he can help others as much as he has helped me, even those who may be deeply skeptical of the concept of energy healing.

-Angela, NYC

I have known Stephen for several years. His ability to employ empathy with nonjudgmental awareness is profound and worthy of praise. His humble attitude and genuine sincerity to connect to others has changed the lives of so many. He is a healer. I am proud of him and have been so lucky to have had his path cross with mine. I recommend Stephen AKA Owl Grey Fire.

Ethan, CA

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Contact Stephen directly for a no obligation consultation by emailing owl@ancienthealingpathways.com or calling 856.924.9360. Most services can be performed via distance. 

Currently seeing clients in person by appointment at:

East Meets West Energy Medicine Center
1002 Birchfield Drive
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
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Owl has been doing this work for quite some time but there are no guarantees. The reason for this is that nothing is certain in life, no matter how much we wish to believe it is. All healing is done with the intent of truly doing the best for the individual and never selfish motive. Owl is not to be held responsible for any damage incurred, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological , due to a client following his suggestions. When contacting him for a consultation, you are in agreement that you voluntarily wish to be the subject of reading and consult. You must be 18 years old, or have parent or guardian permission to go forward. None of the work that Owl does shall constitute medical advice, not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or disease, he is not a licensed healthcare practitioner, consult your doctor. 

Privacy Policy
All conversations with Owl will be held in the strictest of confidence except if the client indicates the intent to harm themselves or another person. In that case, proper professional help will be sought immediately.

Terms and Conditions
Shamanic healing ceremonies complement Western medicine but they not replace medical or psychological treatment. Always consult your doctor prior to engaging in services. Holistic therapy is an excellent adjunctive approach to a personal wellness plan. 

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