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I know Stephen (Owl) to be a warm, genuine, and above all compassionate person. He is a natural-born healer who understands the devastating toll that pain, whether it is mental or physical, can take on the mind and body. Energy work with Steve has helped me begin to process my complicated emotions surrounding grief and even identify and begin to cope with some deep-seated, long-forgotten feelings of abandonment and loneliness. During our twice-monthly sessions, I feel a peace and relaxation I am otherwise unable to experience; immediately following I have a release of pent up emotions that makes me feel lighter for days afterward. Carrying that feeling allows me to cope with the problems in my life and consider them on an intellectual level, without the overwhelming emotion attached. While my journey with Steve is certainly not over, I can say that he has improved my quality of life greatly, not only by being a talented healer, but also a patient listener who has not one ounce of judgment in his heart. I am certain that he can help others as much as he has helped me, even those who may be deeply skeptical of the concept of energy healing.

-Angela, NYC

I have known Stephen for several years. His ability to employ empathy with nonjudgmental awareness is profound and worthy of praise. His humble attitude and genuine sincerity to connect to others has changed the lives of so many. He is a healer. I am proud of him and have been so lucky to have had his path cross with mine. I recommend Stephen AKA Owl Grey Fire.

Ethan, CA
I’d been looking for a different spiritual experience here in SJ for a while. Came across Stephen’s Ancient Healing Pathways. Took a while for me to contact him. But when our friends came to visit for the weekend, the perfect opportunity opened up. We did individual readings, then a shamanic journey to retrieve power animals. I’ve done both of these modalities in the past so knew the basics. Funny, but Stephen’s appt took me (and I think everyone) to a deep and comfortable space. I learned some surprising but needed things about myself in a short time. Stephen is friendly, comfortable, and definitely understands the shamanic journey. Please check him out! -Therese, NJ

I came to Stephen feeling very troubled, overwhelmed and full of questions about myself. Sometimes in life you have to take a few steps back and accept that medically, doctors won’t have all the solutions to your problems. When I found him online and checked out all the reviews and experiences, I decided to give him a shot and I am so happy I did. After evaluating what I deal with on a daily basis, Stephen worked his shamanic gifts and after the session gave me recommendations to follow until our next session. I felt cleansed, re-energized, and in a better head space. I am happy to have found him and look forward to my new journey. Thank you Stephen! 🙏🏻  Luis- NJ

First time having shamanic healing and I didn’t know what to expect – it was super cool! I’ll def be back for more energy work and healing and all that fun stuff 🙂 Stephen was professional, welcoming and easy to talk to. Thanks so much!- Sheilah- NJ


I called Steven in regards to my brother who was battling some spiritual disturbances and he was able to help him a ton the very next day he felt so much better after being seeing Steven. I am so very thankful I found him. Steven is super friendly, intelligent and just a warm spirit. I highly recommend-

Cassandra Philadelphia

I recently saw Stephen for my first Shamanic Healing session and I’m so happy I did. Going in I felt nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I immediately felt at ease as he was kind, warm and compassionate. He listened, he understood me, and validated my feelings. It was as if he already knew me and all I was feeling.
During the session, I felt a lot of energy shifts, and afterwards he took the time to share what came through and to answer any questions.
The following day I felt as if a transformation occurred overnight.
A sense of renewal and freedom from anything that was holding me down. I am still trying to wrap my head around it! I know he did what was needed to release any unhealthy attachments, thoughts and patterns that were holding me back, in order for me to move forward.
After your session, you are not alone, as he checks in and offers support. If you are considering a healing session with Stephen, I highly recommend reaching out to him.I am much looking forward to another session, and excited to see where this journey takes me. I am eternally grateful for Stephen and this life-changing experience. I cannot recommend him enough.

Jennifer, NJ

I highly recommend Stephen if you are on a spiritual journey of healing. He was kind, compassionate and understanding. The whole experience was amazing. The front desk employee was kind and helpful. The office is beautiful and peaceful.
I wish everyone love and light on their journey and book a session with Stephen! It was life changing!

Jenny Marie, NJ 

I came across Stephen’s page, Ancient Healing Pathways, by accident. Though, there is no such thing, is there? Completely guided with healing, I decided to contact Stephen, with no real objective or plan in mind, and he responded almost immediately and with enthusiasm. We were scheduled for a session only a few days later and I must say, it was profound.

I’m only a beginner in my spiritual journey and he took the time to nourish and ask my about my life, what led to this meeting and explained each step, so I’d understand fully. His mindfulness and practices were a lantern in the dark for me.

After our session, an immediate release and lightness has followed. I can’t wait to navigate through what lay ahead and Stephen, Owl, truly helped me to begin my exploration. So, so thankful for his gift.

*Do yourself the favor and forge ahead.