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In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?”

Gabrielle Roth

If you take the time to read this quotation, you will see that a Shaman uses quite a different way of addressing a person’s condition then we do in the west. In fact, I can’t think of a time that I was at my primary care doctor when any of these questions were even considered. Of course, I’m not blaming him or even the established system, for it has its place. The striking fact is that a lot of times we wind up in front of a healthcare provider because we have a physical ailment or emerging list of symptoms that we are unsure what to do with. The healthcare system often does an excellent job of providing symptom management but tends to ignore the root causes. We are conditioned as a society to not tolerate any type of pain or discomfort, and when those ailments arrive, we seek out the next great pill from the world of pharmaceuticals. Again, to clarify, none of this work replaces conventional medicine. This is a powerful adjunctive conduit to restore balance in ways that are laden in mystery. My overall concern is that we have become so dependent on Western medicine, pill counters, and pharmacies. Have you tried all these things and still find yourself succumbing to the tailspin of worry, fear, and despair? Perhaps you have been successful at managing the surface and the symptoms that you never considered there is a deeper root related to all imbalance in our lives. Shamanic practice does not interfere with any religious traditions and honors the client’s beliefs in this regard.

When a session is scheduled, Owl will first do a Shamanic journey to confer with spirit and ensure that he should be providing this healing. If not, your deposit will be returned and a referral to a trusted colleague will be given. If the answer is yes, he will begin asking spirit for guidance regarding your healing needs. The technique for accessing this vital information is called shamanic journey and it can be described as a meditative trance combined with rhythmic drumming. Owl is a master at accessing these states of consciousness and bringing back information required to bring forth healing to the person in the physical world. The healing required and techniques utilized vary from client to client as everyone’s condition is unique to them. A “treatment plan” will be devised, discussed, and questions answered.  If all in agreement, the healing session will begin. All sessions typically have the client lying on the floor or massage table next to the Shaman surrounded by many different tools and items that are utilized in the session. There is no time limit as this is spirit driven, but the typical session is one to three hours. Listed below are all of the techniques that can be utilized together or in separate pieces, depending on the individual needs of the client. Since we are talking about restoring balance to a person, the root cause is often unrelated to symptoms. The journeywork and assessment will help to uncover the root causes. None of this work is invasive and should not cause any physical discomfort. All healing sessions are tailored to the individual. There is not a standard way of explaining how a session goes. If you feel you have tried all of your options utilizing modern technology and medicine and have found little to no relief,  it is a sign from the universe that you landed on this page, you were destined to connect with Owl. 

**Owl is the facilitator of healing work, essentially an empty vessel or conduit used by spirit to restore balance, healing, and harmony.

**All sessions require a 50% deposit to secure the date and time, balance due at time of service. 48-hour notice required for cancellation otherwise deposit will be forfeited. No call/No shows will require payment in full in advance for booking future sessions.

**Shamanic healing modalities used are unique to the needs of the individual. Most healing ceremonies use a combination of the individual services listed. The pricing for an individual session is $150.

Owl is also available for group facilitation of drum circles, Meditation, Readings, Shamanic Journey, Fore Ceremony, Sound Bath, Plant Medicine(Cacao and Hape’. Details and rates can be discussed with a conversation with him.

Soul retrieval work will be determined to be needed and discussed individually with the participant after the initial session This work is done over multiple sessions. These circumstances will be addressed as the need arises and all understanding of the process has been made clear. **

What does a session look like? 

We will meet and discuss the reason that you requested a session,  background is gained.  Tis will determine what healing work is best suited for your unique circumstances, needs, and goals. We then move forward with the healing work. All questions and concerns will be addressed before any work is done. Afterward, there is a brief time for processing and integration discussion. Further suggestions are offered, as needed. 

Divination/Psychic Readings

Divination and “fortunetelling” have been used for millennia to access hidden knowledge. There are countless techniques utilized to access this information. Babylonian smoke reading, candle reading, fire gazing, pendulum, tarot, and stone casting are a few. The purpose of this is not to tell someone whether they will be rich or marry a certain person, but again to access the information as to locate the driving forces of behavior, circumstance, or situation. The purpose of divination is to provide insight, clarity, and direction though the guidance of spirit. Each divination session can be done in person or via phone/video conference. 

45 Min Session via Zoom or Phone- $75

Healing Ceremony

All sessions, regardless of length, are considered a Shamanic healing ceremony. Owl will be in contact with the spiritual realm to find the best techniques to bring forth healing and the highest good for the recipient.  All healing is spirit led and therefore ceremonies will include the usage of herbs, oils, sage, rhythmic drumming, crystals, singing, divination tools. They may include Power Animal retrieval, extraction, placement of sacred Khyua stones, Egg and Carnation Healing (Limpia). Again, these are all spirit led. When Owl is notified that someone has booked a session, he will do a Shamanic journey to receive information about what modalities and techniques will bring forth the greatest good. He will go over these items at the beginning of the session.

Session Cost -Varied depending on need


Shamanic Extraction

The removal of misplaced or intrusive energy around the body or within it. We are bombarded every day with the energies of those we contact, in-person and virtually. These energies can get mixed in and create imbalance, essentially “moving in” to our own energy field. This can lead to confusion, physical illness, and emotional distress. The Shaman uses diagnostic techniques with the assistance of spirit to locate these places then help remove and neutralize.

Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs

Power Animal Retrieval

At birth, each of us are assigned a personal power animal that assists us with our daily life, strengths, and the things with which we are naturally gifted. Most people walk through life not knowing they have a connection with animal spirits. Shaman’s job is to help locate a person’s power animal to do just that, empower. Sometimes in life we get so bombarded with our circumstances we may lose that animal spirit connection, resulting in a loss of personal power. Many times, this is where chronic illness, chronic depression, addiction, and “bad luck” come from. Shaman will travel to spirit world to retrieve and reunite the client with their power animal, which will restore their personal power.

Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs


A very special healing ceremony utilized to assist a newly deceased soul from Earth to Afterlife. It’s a way of helping them “find the light” and reunite with loved ones that have passed before them.

Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs

Soul Retrieval

The Shaman is a master at accessing altered levels of consciousness and traveling “non-ordinary reality.” With soul retrieval he does this for the purpose of locating pieces of a person’s soul that became fragmented when they experienced trauma in this life or previous lives. When Susto, or soul loss, happens, a person is often feeling stuck or powerless and does not know why. Soul loss happens when a soul’s essence is denied in other lifetimes or leaves their body following a sudden accident, a divorce or separation, or an unexpected trauma. The process of soul retrieval is one that helps bring those fragmented pieces back together so the person can live a life of fulfillment, power, and harmony.

Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs

Sacred Khuya Healing Stones

“Khuya” translated means “stones of love.” After the Shaman prays over a person, Stones are placed at certain points around the body to infuse their energy field with healing.

Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs

Sound Therapy

It has been said that the universe began with a sound. The healing potential and power that exist within vibration and sound are unparalleled. Through the usage of tuning forks, drums, rattles, bells, and singing bowls, Shaman “unsticks” stagnation in the energy field. Shaman is breaking up what can happen when you experience the hurts, pains, and disappointments of life. The power of sound gets all the way down to the cellular level and reorganizes DNA.

Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs

Despacho Ceremony

This ceremony is all about making offerings that create unity with the sacred mountains, Mother Earth, and other spirits of nature in reverence, reciprocity, and gratitude. This Ceremony brings participants into alignment with their desires, desires of a group, and the gratitude for our earth.

Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs


Egg and Carnation Healing (Limpia)

Egg cleansings (Limpia de Huevos) are a unique shamanic healing form using eggs and carnations to energetically cleanse a client’s bio-field and to assist them on their healing path. Egg clearings, or Limpias, work by running an egg and carnations over the body of the person being cleansed. Toxins and energy field congestion is released. Clients report feeling physically lighter, happier, and more balanced following the session. This clearing works on all parts of a being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

​Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs

Distance Healing

All services listed can be carried out effectively over long distances. As the Non-Ordinary Reality of the spirit realm is outside of linear time and space, healing may occur whether the client and the Shamanic or Reiki practitioner are in the same room or on opposite sides of the planet. Given our current technologies of telephone, email, and live video conferencing, much interaction is possible between the client and the practitioner in support of long-distance work. Please contact Owl for more information.

Session Cost Varies based on Individual Needs

Drum Circle Facilitation

Humans have been using rhythmic drumming since the beginning of time. More than likely, banging on a pot or pan may have been many of your first introductions to music as a child. The power of group drumming is truly a way to create unity, a sense of connection with self and others, and a way to process sometimes unspoken or unrealized emotions.

Owl has been facilitating drum circles in a few South Jersey nursing homes and two local mental health and addiction recovery facilities for the last few years and I’m continuing through this year. It is truly amazing to see all the healthy benefits that occur due to adding this to the programming there.

I would be honored to assist your organization in bringing this very interactive and powerful wellness practice to you and the people you serve.

Pricing Varies

Traditional Usui Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese form of medicine, although it is not nontraditional according to western standards. Essentially the medicine involved is the universal energy that exists throughout out all of time and space. Reiki utilizes specific techniques to harness this energy and infuse it into another person’s energy field and body to promote healing. This healing is not limited to the client’s physical body. It also restores spiritual, emotional, and psychological well-being. In the years Owl has been utilizing Reiki for his own healing and others, he has seen miracles unexplainable using words. He has been working with Reiki for 25 years.

A typical session lasts a minimum of one hour and consists of a pre-session interview and discussion of client’s reasons for seeking Reiki, the session itself, and a post session “debriefing.”

The actual session consists of the client lying on a massage table and Owl utilizing specific diagnostic techniques and hand placement to restore balance within the person’s field. The best way to describe Reiki: It is a great way to unwind all the knots that tend to get tied within our energy field through our variety of life experiences up until this point. 

Due to COVID-19, the good news is Reiki does not necessarily need to be utilized as an in-person practice. Owl has seen astonishing results from distance clients thousands of miles away. Owl offers options of regular weekly or biweekly sessions. Distance sessions prove to be as powerful as those that are in-person.

Session-   $125 60 min in person , $100 Zoom

Personal Guidance

Throughout his healing journey, Owl has come across and been eternally grateful for the mentorship of many teachers and guides. He believes in the power of having a regular relationship with at least one person to help find structure, realize potential, and create goals. It has been some of the most valuable work he has done for himself and he wishes to bring it to the world.

In utilizing spiritual techniques, his personal narrative, and professional work as a peer support specialist, he works side by side with you in building a plan to help you realize your dreams. His number one goal is to help you to remember who you are. For it is in finding out who we truly are that the greatest transformation is possible. He encourages you to look within and see if you are truly happy where you are in your life. He cannot promise to give you happiness, but he can promise that in working together he will help you discover where your happiness lies. 

Owl made a promise to himself that he would use his last breath in this existence to pursue healing arts as a way of finding his own balance, but more importantly helping others to do the same. He is grateful for his clients’ willingness to be vulnerable in sharing their pain. He himself has been to the hottest parts of the fire and survived. The best analogy: He is now returning to the depths of the fire with buckets of water for others. He utilized all of the experience that he has had as a professional emergency medical services provider, peer support specialist, and spiritualist to help people find perspective and new ways to break cycles of behavior. 

Guidance Sessions-  $80 -60 min Zoom or via phone