Owl (aka Stephen Kavalkovich) knows his soul’s purpose in this current earthly incarnation is that of healer. He was born on 2/22 @ 4:44 in the morning. Astrologically, this indicates there was much celestial “alignment” at the time of his birth. In recalling his childhood, he has vivid memories of interacting with spirits. At the time he believed them to be his imaginary friends, as they were consistently loving and made him feel safe. However, his collective years of experience have shown him that there has always been a lot more than meets the eye. 

He grew up in a strict Russian Orthodox Church environment. He was immensely inspired and mystified by the ceremony, traditions, and a sense of loving power that he could not see. He also didn’t feel he “fit in” with other kids and was often ostracized for being “different.” Feeling like a square peg in a round hole certainly resonated from a young age.

After a significant life event as a teenager, Owl’s soul guided him to the bookstore for hours on end, reading eastern mysticism, paganism, magic, and beyond. He would spend the next 25 years studying, practicing, and experiencing many of the ancient techniques that he utilizes to assist others today.

Owl made this mask in 1994, 2 years before he began to learn what this symbolism meant.

Owl spent his teenage years as a volunteer EMT and eventually became a career paramedic. He was a compassionate provider drawn to helping others. Through this work, along with integrating ancient techniques, he came to find self-compassion and deconstruct his own unhelpful patterns. He then worked hard to develop new patterns and build a framework for the life he was meant to have.

Healing is an individual journey. Not everyone responds to the same treatment, for the body and for the soul, in the same way. Finding true healing is about locating the source of imbalance and then working to restore it. In recent years, Owl has reawakened the shaman inside of him for his own continued healing and as well as for others.

Owl has spent the last few years bringing his message of healing and recovery to the world in the creation of the pioneer, groundbreaking podcast for First Responders that focuses on mental health topics. That led him to speaking around the country at conventions, symposiums, and conferences as a highly sought after authority on these topics. While he truly loves that work, he has found that he is most fulfilled when working one on one with people. He feels honored to share his gifts to help connect others to their own sources of pain and transmute those energies into healing and metamorphosis.

Any and all healing is spirit driven and therefore not one size fits all. Healing doesn’t work like that.

In utilizing the practice of shamanism, Reiki, and a combination of the multitudes of modalities he has studied and worked with over the years, Owl assures you that a session with him will be one of a kind and transformative. 

In Shamanism, it is a common traditional practice to change one’s name. Of course, this name is one that holds specific meaning to the individual practitioner. It also is done to symbolize the death and rebirth process that the shaman experiences  as he goes through his journey as one who walks with “one foot in this world, and one in the spiritual world” Stephen was given this name based on his spirit animal being an Owl, his favorite color that represents his view on life, and fire symbolizing personal refinement through the burning away of impurities. 

Training and Experience-

Peruvian, Celtic, and  Native American Shamanism 
Teacher- Owl White Feather

Traditional Usui Reiki 1 and 2- 1998
Teacher- Elsie Kerns

Traditional Usui Reiki Master- 2020
Teacher- Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner 

SKY Breath/Sudarshan Kriya- The Art of Living

Taiwanese Pai Hur Chien- White Crane Chi Kung
Grandmaster S.L Martin 

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu- Master Keith Mazza

NJ Certified Peer Recovery Specialist 

Rutgers University Center for Alcohol Studies A Journey To Wellness Companion Guidebook- Co-Author 

Recovery Coach
CCAR- Center for Addiction Recovery

Former NJ Paramedic 2002-2013

9/11/2001 WTC Rescue Worker

Evesham Township, NJ- Planning Board Member- Current 

Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician
Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
Certified EKG Technician 
Certified Phlebotomy Technician
Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist 
Certified Patient Care Technician
National Health Career Association 

Owl Grey Fire

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Contact Stephen directly for a no obligation consultation by emailing owl@ancienthealingpathways.com or calling 856.924.9360. Most services can be performed via distance. 

Currently seeing clients in person by appointment at:

East Meets West Energy Medicine Center
1002 Birchfield Drive
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
Contact Owl for scheduling. 

Excitari Wellness
30 Jackson Rd
Building D-101
Medford, NJ 08055
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The Podcasts

 Follow these links to listen to episodes of Rescue the Rescuer or Psychonautica.  Explicit subject matter, discretion advised.


Owl has been doing this work for quite some time but there are no guarantees. The reason for this is that nothing is certain in life, no matter how much we wish to believe it is. All healing is done with the intent of truly doing the best for the individual and never selfish motive. Owl is not to be held responsible for any damage incurred, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological , due to a client following his suggestions. When contacting him for a consultation, you are in agreement that you voluntarily wish to be the subject of reading and consult. You must be 18 years old, or have parent or guardian permission to go forward. None of the work that Owl does shall constitute medical advice, not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or disease, he is not a licensed healthcare practitioner, consult your doctor. 

Privacy Policy
All conversations with Owl will be held in the strictest of confidence except if the client indicates the intent to harm themselves or another person. In that case, proper professional help will be sought immediately.

Terms and Conditions
Shamanic healing ceremonies complement Western medicine but they not replace medical or psychological treatment. Always consult your doctor prior to engaging in services. Holistic therapy is an excellent adjunctive approach to a personal wellness plan. 

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Cash, Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp.