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Shamanic Healing

Owl Grey Fire

Connecting with the source of pain to bring forth healing and transformation.

Helping people to remember who they are, beneath all of the suffering.


Meet Owl Grey Fire

Owl (aka Stephen Kavalkovich) knows his soul’s purpose in this current earthly incarnation is that of healer. He was born on 2/22 @ 4:44 in the morning. Astrologically, this indicates there was much celestial “alignment” at the time of his birth. In recalling his childhood, he has vivid memories of interacting with spirits. At the time he believed them to be his imaginary friends, as they were consistently loving and made him feel safe. However, his collective years of experience have shown him that there has always been a lot more than meets the eye. 


In utilizing the practices of Shamanism, Reiki, and a combination of all the other modalities that Owl has studied and worked with over the years, you can be assured that your session with him will be one of a kind. Learn more about Owl’s approach to Shamanic Healing and other services available.